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Happy Thanksgiving – Live the Life You Love

Posted by kdadmin on November 23rd, 2017.

Happy Thanksgiving – Live the Life You Love


Writing a blog, publishing an email series, and even giving financial advice is my attempt to share hard won truths with other like minded souls. Even if just one person reads this or learns something useful, it can be incredibly validating. The idea that I can make a meaningful, positive difference in another person’s life is, at the end of the day, a real standard worth measuring.

Sure, money matters. As do investment returns over the long term. But, they’re only one part. The real test of a successful financial plan, financial strategy, or the result of financial advice is if the client is able to follow Thoreau’s advice to “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!” Or, as I like to say…

Live the Life You Love

Many people seem to agree with Thoreau. I’m thankful to have been able to witness their process, their deliberate journey. For example, I’ve known several men and women who have followed their hearts and their dreams this year.

The Men:

  • One sold his house, moved to his retirement cabin, steps from his sailboat, and has plans in the works to take his motorcycle on a tour of the USA.
  • Another came out of semi-retirement to spend several months leading a team of lawyers on a project in China.
  • Another faced his business fears, sorted out his processes, and went from zero cash on hand to a couple hundred thousand in the bank.
  • Another bought an Airstream, sold his house, and spent half the year traveling to dozens of gorgeous spots across the USA while running his tech business from it.
  • Another found the love of his life, and renovated his house when she moved in.

The Women:

  • One went barging down the Danube River in Europe.
  • Another built a garage, a new driveway, and celebrated with a year on the river.
  • Another finished a year of study in Bergamo, Italy, to become a Montessori Elementary Teacher Trainer in Milwaukee.
  • Another put her house on the market and moved into a senior living facility she loved.
  • Another welcomed a new grand baby into her life and reveled in her new role.

If we were talking about investments, this is the part where I’d have to say that past performance is no guarantee of future results. But since we’re talking instead about the fruition of life dreams, I can say that I’ve found that people who have doggedly followed their dreams in the past are more likely to realize them in the future. Regardless of the dream itself.

I’m thankful for this tenacity in the people I know. Whether you think yourself to a be a particularly adventurous or tenacious person, the fact that you’re reading this blog indicates that you have it within you to Live the Life You Love. So, thank you for sharing that aptitude with me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. The picture above is of the harbor in Anacortes, Washington. At the recommendation of a friend who grew up there, I scouted the area in October to figure out how to foster the sailing ambitions and dreams of the sailors here in our midst.


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