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Solo Retirement.

Few adventures match the freedom of solo retirement. Where many others seek out a buddy, a partner, a spouse, or even a group of people with whom to go explore the world, or even themselves.  But you have the courage to do it alone. Certainly, it can be daunting. And sometimes you may find yourself here against your wishes. A longtime companion having moved on, or passed on. But here you are, still, getting up every day and putting your best foot forward. It’s a testament to to resilience. To your resilience.

A Clear Vision.

Happy or sad, you’re here, and you’re used to it. But finding yourself with the time, the money, and the self reliance to go live your life on your own terms is incredibly evocative and alluring. Chances are, you know what you want, you’re pretty sure how to get it, but you may wonder what another set of eyes might offer. There are a lot of hucksters and charlatans along the way, after all. But you’re smart and you don’t need to be coddled. Still, we all get old and will want trusted friends and help as we navigate our last stages of life. So, it’s probably more along the lines of freedom when you want it, but support when you need it.

A Great Guide.

Nothing beats the power of experience, and education, and credentials, and the fiduciary duty to act in your best interest. Think of retirement as a long road trip, across dozens of states, and countries, with different languages in customs, regulations, and wise or foolish choices to be made all along the way. Before embarking on such an epic adventure, chances are you would do some significant planning. When you reach the limits of your own research and expertise, you would like to hire a guide who knew the area, who had done it before, and who had helped hundreds of others do exactly what you wanted to

Live the Life You

We are that guide. We want nothing more than to help you identify, plan, Chase, and succeed in your dreams across countless adventures and many decades.  Let’s talk, and get you that second set of eyes.