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- Happy Retirees -

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Live the Life You Love - Productively

To enjoy the best of both worlds.
A lucrative career, and lots of time off.

Solo Retirees

Live the Life You Love - Independently

The courage to do it alone.
The support of a second set of eyes.

Joint Retirees

Live the Life You Love - Together

The money, the time, and the buddy,
to explore your open road.

Meet Cynthia

Covid-19 vs Cash Cow

Cynthia started her successful business twenty-five years ago with nothing more than talent, a belly full of education and a $10,000 limit on her Visa card. Things were going well and she was considering an early retirement. Then Covid-19 struck and wiped out half her business.  But someone had a plan…

Meet Mary Anne

Going Solo

A dozen years ago, Mary Anne realized in her heart of hearts that the man she had been with for 20 years was just no longer her soulmate. So, she ended the relationship, and retired from her successful career as a marketing executive. She was ready for a long-term change but lost on direction. Until someone gave her a great idea…

Meet Peter & Randy

Together but Separate

After nearly twenty-five years together, Peter and Randy were ready to buy a new beach house and retire.  While it was finally legal to do so, they just never felt like getting married. As such, they quickly ran into the legal and financial snares that many unmarried couples encounter.  Luckily, there was another solution…