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Why We Do It

The Pursuit of Happiness

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The Life You Love

The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness, contentment, fulfillment.  Money can’t buy these experiences directly.  But when wisely managed, it can create the environment in which these freedoms can flourish.

About Us

Who We Are, Why We Do It

It’s one thing to figure out how to live the life you love. It’s quite another to share that joy and that skill with as many other human beings as you can.


Clarity. Insight. Orientation.

We employ timely, concise education to help you spend every minute, of every day, experiencing the things you love, with the people you care about.

Zurich Awes, MSFS, CFP®

Founder, Investment Adviser, Romantic

Above all else, Zurich Awes is a champion of his clients’ success and totally devoted to helping them meet their objective.  Even if it sometimes means dragging them, kicking and screaming, up the hill to meet it…

Andrew Trammell, MSFS, CFP®

Financial Planner, Dry British Wit

A jovial fellow with an uncanny wit, Andrew is as quick to entertain as he is to defuse tension.  Blessed with the ability to offer clarity and consistency in complex financial matters, Andrew has clear talent and is a client favorite.

Outside Partners

A Better Team Model

Our clients get better advice, we have far better resources, and it all takes less time. Everybody gets more benefit with less effort.  Win-Win-Win.