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The “Eek” Factor.

Sometimes things just get way out of hand. It often starts out simple enough, with a good idea, a decent start in the right direction, and a nudge from a seemingly key people. But as decisions, resources, and intentions snowball, you may quickly find yourself with a conflicting mix of standards, tax domiciles, interest, loyalties, and regulations; issues which together can eclipse even the brightest of minds. Eek!  Amplify that by personal interests in a project, or a lot of money on the line, and it can be very hard to make clear decisions, unclouded by emotion.

The Devil is in the Details.

Certainly, we expect that you have an idea of where you’d like to go, some basic strategies about the route you’d like to take. But it’s likely you’ve identified some very daunting obstacles in the way, and you don’t have a clear path around them. Or, at least not a way around them that preserves your ROI (return on investment). We imagine that you might have a general lawyer, maybe a CPA, or maybe even a project manager. But it’s likely that they have been pulled from different specialties, off different projects, or even different entities. Worse, they have not been aligned to handle the specific details of a complex project, or its specific risks, while still reaching your target ROI.

A Clear Head in Dense Fog.

Frankly, we love messes like this. It gives us the opportunity to flex our skills across a variety of disciplines, to hire top-notch talent, specific to your project, but only for the few hours we need; instead of a long-term hire that you’d have to manage. We adore rummaging through the financials of the project, ferreting out opportunities to increase its value, its valuation multiple, and to reduce its risk. We thrive in the often Machiavellian landscape of building alliances, focusing talent, uncovering opportunities, managing resources, and driving it all in the direction of your best end goal.

Fiduciary Advice.

Few things match the power of experience, education, credentials, and a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest. Imagine if you had the ability to call up such a person, a live person, who knew you, your situation, your objectives, your interest, your shortcomings, your challenges, your team, your family, and was charged with helping you make the best decisions for you. Someone who was required to place your interest ahead of their own. Imagine what sort of positive impact such a person could have in your life.

Live the Life You

Now imagine this person had helped many of other people do exactly that which you are trying to do. Had done it themselves. Had made a career of mastering exactly how to do it. And had made it their professional mission to help you Live the Life You How much of a positive impact do you think this could make in your life? Maybe it’s time you found out. Let’s Talk.