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What We Do

- Fiduciary Advice -

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Financial Planning

The Math Behind Your Dreams

Harness the power to clearly illustrate, understand, and fine tune your financial ability to forever Live the Life You Love.

Investment Advice

A Steady Hand in Heavy Seas

Nobody can predict the future.  Our fiduciary duty dictates we act in your best interest to build prudent portfolios to navigate these bonkers markets.

Complex Projects

The "Eek" Factor

From building valuation models in nested entities to unraveling a property mess across five states by assembling an army of lawyers, CPA’s and property managers; we’ve run a lot of complex projects for our clients.  It can be great fun.

Meet Stanley

You Saved My Life

Stanley thought he wanted the usual trophies of success: a big boat, big house, and big money. But he didn’t know why. When someone suggested he instead work less and enjoy his young children. He told them they we were high. But the summer before they left for college, he said something else …

Meet Leonard and Karl

Lifelong Partnership

With two children together in a relationship spending nearly two decades, Leonard and Carl were ready to make it official. But several years ago, such a thing was illegal in their home state. Luckily on August 1, 2013 Minnesota legalized same-sex marriage. While things are about to change for the better, it wouldn’t be easy…

Meet Samuel


Samuel is ambitious. With a couple of beach houses under his belt, and plans for a third ‘across the pond,’ he knows exactly what he wants, and generally how to get there. He spent the pandemic lockdown inventing financial algorithms and building new businesses around them. But the international component was kicking his butt, until he made the right connections …