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We’re Glad You’re Here!

If you are client already, it means you are easily among our favorite people. Congratulations!  (After all life is too short to put up with unpleasant types.) We are honored by your continued trust and look forward to helping you Live the Life You Love!®

For Your Eyes Only

The links on the right take you to the restricted portions of our website and partner services. Except for the video intro, all require a password that you set somewhere along the way. If you forgot your password, no problem. Each section or service can offer you a way to reset it. By way of orientation, descriptions of each of the links follow.

Personal Financial Portal

This is your online financial portal. It covers everything that we know about your financial life, from soup to nuts. More importantly, if you’ve completed the financial planning process with us, it details your likelihood of having the financial resources you need to Live the Life you Love.  All data is updated nightly.

Intro to Your Personal Financial Portal (Video)

This is a short video that walks you through the basics of your personal financial portal. It offers a broad overview of how the portal can help you organize your financial information, plan for major purchases or life events, plan for retirement, or just structure your money to help you Live the Life You Love!

Annual Review (Video)

This short video covers the annual review process and gives you a chance to get scheduled at the end. By mentioning the key points, sequence, and common changes that occur throughout the year, we hope it will get you thinking about the year ahead.

The Best Stuff Blog

Our best work is reserved for our clients.  As it should be.  This includes access to our current analyses, reports, investment insights, and the economic commentary you need to stay informed enough to make intelligent financial decisions. To maintain compliance with regulations, access will be limited by client status. Of course, we’ve added a sprinkling of dry humor to keep it all interesting.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…

Schedule With…

Follow these links to quickly and easily schedule a meeting with Andrew or Zurich.

TD Ameritrade and Jefferson National

You will find tax documents and account statements via these links.  Please note that TD Ameritrade is merging into Schwab. Also, Jefferson National was recently bought by Nationwide.  In other words, you may see a change of names on these statements.