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The Pursuit of Happiness.

It’s what we all want. It’s where we’re all going. It’s the point of existence. Regardless of your personal beliefs or religion, the fundamental goal of most of establish for life species is exactly this. To live a life you love. Be that through community, service, accomplishment, ethics, beauty, or even just the simple joy of being alive. So then doesn’t it make sense to organize your money, your financial resources, and your personal efforts in a way that they can directly support the point of life?

How We Got Here.

If our three decades of providing fiduciary financial advice and taught us anything, it’s that nobody wishes they had more money on their deathbed. ¬†We’ve had the privilege of knowing thousands of people and advising hundreds of families. To a person, every single one of them has tried, in some way or another, to some success level or another, to pursue their personal happiness and embody our mantra to live the life you love. ¬†Nobody has ever said they wish they had spent more time working, and less time with the people they loved, or less time participating in the experiences they enjoyed. Never. Ever. Not once.

The Things That Matter.

Instead, they have always wanted to be sure they can go and explore and travel the world, can spend weeks, months, and yours with the grandchildren, can open art studios, can donate thousands of hours of time to humanitarian projects, can try to cure cancer, or eradicate disease in developing nations. These are the things that people care about. These are the things they celebrate on their deathbed. These are the things they hug us about in their last days. These are the things that matter. This is the pursuit of happiness.

Wise Advisor.

Certainly, strong returns are important. As is risk management. As is a comprehensive financial plan. As are a thousand other things that make up fiduciary investment advice and fiduciary financial planning. But these aren’t the things you want to do. These are the things you want us to do. You want to delegate the drudgery. To do so, you need a great advisor. Here, nothing beats the power of experience, and education, and credentials, and the fiduciary duty to act in your best interest. Someone who knows the area, who has done it before, who has helped hundreds of others do exactly what you want to do.

Live the Life You Love.

We are that advisor. We want nothing more than to help you identify, plan, chase and succeed in your dreams across countless adventures and many decades. Let’s Talk.