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Forty Year Romance. Nearly 60 years ago, Joyce and Ned began their journey together. First meeting in high school, dating for five years, getting married, and are still going strong after 50 years together. While raising a loving family together was a given, paying for it, while still being able to retire well, was going to be more of a challenge.

A Happy Family. Since Ned eventually had a great job in upper management at a major national business, and Jill taught at the local high school, they managed to not only see each of their children get into college, but eventually saw them produce a brood of no less than 24 grandchildren! While Jill and Ned had always been savers, they weren’t exactly sure how to save for this magical thing called “retirement,” because, unlike college, the expense never ended.

Asking for Help. So they decided to call their financial advisor and ask for help. After confiding their hopes, dreams and fears, especially about how to support their growing number of grandchildren currently at 11, some from blended families, some adopted, they were relieved to discover they could do it all. After going through every aspect of their financial life, including cash flow, debts, insurance, wills, charity, investments and risk, they emerged with a clear plan to retire in three years, but first to buy that lake home they’d always wanted.

Forever Young. That was nearly twenty years ago. Since retiring permanently to their lake house, they’ve spent every summer on the lake enjoying their now 23 grandchildren. They’ve done everything from teaching them to fish, pulling them on tubes and skis, celebrating marriages and even the birth of 3 great grandchildren. What a life! They’ve certainly embodied the mantra, “Live the Life You Love.”