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Knowledge is Power.

Annick is a creative, and credential, educational trainer. Certainly, she had overcome significant challenges to build an international career and global reputation. But wasn’t until she discovered how to model her financial future, that her ambition and broader goals for the movement began to take shape…

Looking Ahead.

While she loved her work and expected to be in the field for many years to come, Annick realized that the happiest among a retired friends were those that semi-retired while transitioning to an advisory role within their educational expertise. People who no longer trained at the pace they once had, but who still loved to participate in, and advise on, global initiatives for the cause. To give back, as it were, by sharing experience and wisdom with the next generation. But exactly how to make such a transition, and extended over many years are decades, wasn’t something Annick was sure was possible. Certainly, some people from prior generations had been more successful than others.

Fiduciary Advice.

So, Annick decided to call her financial advisor and ask for help. After explaining her observations, passions, and ideas for an endgame of long-term semi-retirement into an advisory role, she asked when she could start doing it. “Tomorrow,” was is the reply. Annick was quite surprised. “Really?! Why tomorrow?” she asked. Matter-of-factly, her advisor said, “because of math. Math for the win. Let me explain… ”

Modeling the Future.

Her advisor continued, “because you’ve completed a comprehensive financial plan, connected your banking and investment information to the platform, shared your business financials with us, and followed our advice to outsource time consuming task to qualified collaborators. We can see your entire financial picture. We know where the bottlenecks exist, the strengths, the weaknesses, the limits to profitability, etc. All of this means we can test countless ‘what-if’ scenarios to determine how a variety of your choices could impact you many decades into the future.  We can model your future. Obviously, past performance is no guarantee of future results, but we can get statistically close. Based on the parameters you’ve shared, we are showing at 99% success rate if you started this process tomorrow. We are looking for a number above 80%, so you’ve got a wide berth.”

An Ambitious Future.

Annick was thrilled. She never really thought about how important had been to do financial planning and to keep all of her data updated. But there she sat, able to consider long range projections with dozens of variables in a matter of minutes. To get a clear sense of not only how to help the movements broader goals, but also how to live your life she loved. Knowledge is truly power.