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The Super of Structures & Financial Freedom

Posted by kdadmin on July 10th, 2015.

The Super of Structures & Financial Freedom

Few things are more irritating than road construction. In Minnesota, it’s one of the two seasons. There is winter and there is road construction. This year has been particularly bad. Every highway AND its primary backup is under construction. Does the planning commissioner have an anger management problem that he wants to share with the rest of us? Is he getting a kickback from our collective road rage? Maybe …

At the same time, few things are more awe inspiring than a series of several, hundred foot towers spanning the St. Croix River. I mean, just look that this thing! It’s HUGE.

But wait until you see the intended result …

The bridge is actually modeled after the Viaduc de Millau in southern France, easily one of the most incredible bridges ever built. I filmed the Viaduc de Millau just over a year ago. It was among the best footage I ever shot. The photo below is just the tip of the iceberg. (If you follow me on Instagram (zurichawes), you’ll get to see many more remarkable photos like this.)

Super Structures

I used the footage to make a video entitled, French Connection: Only Love Nourishes, in which I explain some of the critical components of successful retirement, and a happy human existence. You’ll even get to feel what it’s like to drive over a suspension bridge like Viaduc de Millau. It’s your Stillwater Bridge preview. While you can find MN DOT’s animations here (scroll to the bottom), and they’re neat, they’re nothing like the real thing.

I bring all this up to illustrate a simple point. Road construction is a great metaphor for financial planning.

Just as the pain and inconvenience of road construction is worth the eventual result, so it is for financial planning. Look, nobody likes doing budgets. Nobody likes struggling through estate planning documents. Nobody likes being examined under a microscope by insurance carriers. Nobody likes having their finances picked through by lending companies. Numbers don’t lie. It can be tough to face the music. To share life long dreams, goals, and hopes. To be willing to change. It’s a vulnerable process.

HOW. EVER. The end result can be FABULOUS. The end goal of financial planning is To Live the Life You Love. To be able to do whatever you love to do, at any moment, of any day, in any place, with anybody that you want. It’s financial freedom. If done correctly, there is barely another process in life that (maybe psychotherapy) can be so freeing, so validating, and so empowering.

The satisfaction of seeing another human be able to experience joy at this level is why I’m in this business. There is nothing like having a client trust me, follow my advice, and realize their dreams. Nothing. It’s why I write this blog. It’s why I lug camera gear all over the world. It’s why I produce these videos. I want to show you what’s possible and give you a route to your dreams. It’s a tall order. It’s for all the marbles. But it’s absolutely worth it.


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