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Independence: Homage to the Free Thinkers

Posted by kdadmin on July 3rd, 2015.

Independence: Homage to the Free Thinkers

I think it’s fair to say that the phrase, Free Thinker, accurately describes the video-photo-bomber in the background above. Count yourselves lucky if you know him. Luckier still, if it’s while he’s entrenched in global discovery. How does his lovely partner (smiling in hat) put up with him? The world may never know.

I posted this shot today to encourage you …

To encourage you to celebrate the independence you have as an American (July 4), or as a Canadian (July 1). To toast the effort put forth by those great men and women who gave us the Declaration of Independence and the British North America Act, respectively. During their time in history, members of these groups were often considered to be Free Thinkers. And just look where we are today.

Sure, we have our problems. Sure, there continues to be remarkable struggle to balance social, financial, environmental, humanitarian, religious, and political capital. But I, for one, think it’s worth it. I relish the opportunity to wrestle with long term problems and find novel solutions. The ability of a society to foster such an environment of human innovation is a testament to its core values. (Which, by the way, align nicely with the core values of the AMI Montessori community, but that’s a story for another day.)

The financial crisis in Greece will be there next week. The falling Euro will be on hand. Even the US market’s unemployment flatline will be lurking. On Monday, I’ll wrap up my three part series, The Stock Market Warnings: When the Music’s Over. I may even connect the dots between The Stock Market Warnings and our investment allocation strategies. But all this can wait.

So, go play outside. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy the humanity. Enjoy the freedom. Encourage the Free Thinkers among you, and Live the Life You Love.

Happy Independence Days!


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