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Teeter Totter

Posted by kdadmin on August 11th, 2014.

Remember playing on the teeter totter when you were a child? The best part was going up so quickly that when the seat went back down, you were suspended in mid air.

Unless, of course, you lost your balance and toppled over the hand grab, smashing your noggin into the board, or worse, before collapsing into a screaming, crying, heap on the dirt below.

I can’t be the only one who had that experience. Repeatedly.

The market this summer is no different. When it’s flying up, it’s a rush, when it’s plummeting back down, it happens so suddenly, and without warning, that it has left many investors with concussions or missing teeth. The market is like playing on a teeter totter with a kid twice your size. It never turns out well. The big kid has all the control and they often see it as a challenge to see how many teeth they can knock out on your various falls.

So, as much as it might be hard to sit on the sidelines, it’s still the best policy.

For now.

p.s. Check out these vintage teeter totters. They’re ten feet high! Kids were tougher back then.


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