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Braveheart on Investment Theory

Posted by kdadmin on May 28th, 2014.

“Yikes” seems to be a recurrent theme in these video entries. In the moment, whatever I’m doing seems the be hilarious, totally appropriate and the best way to describe a certain concept.

When I review the footage later, however, I’m not sure that I can EVER claim to be appropriate. Socially at least. And why would I want to be?

THIS is so much better.

I had been to Caeverlock Castle a YEAR before. It had been a rainy day of hurtling myself across miles of tiny Scottish roads at 70 mph in an attempt to find this mystic place. Once I did, however, I knew it was gold. But, I simply didn’t have the technology or team behind me to make it (the video) happen.

What a difference a year makes …

In the end, there was just NO WAY to keep the footage from going completely off the rails. Be sure to watch beyond the disclosure, all the way to the end.

I even got three, count ’em THREE, Badassery points from the developers. Enough said.


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