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Zurich Awes

Posted by kdadmin on November 15th, 2013.

Zurich Awes

Landing his first financial job 30 years ago at age 14, Zurich has held nearly every job available in a financial firm—from bookkeeper to mortgage broker, insurance agent to investment portfolio analyst, and everything in between. Such experience affords him a comprehensive perspective and explains how he knows, exactly, how best to serve the interests of each of his clients. Simply put, he knows what makes them tick. Zurich is an avid traveler, seeing global exploration as a way to uncover cultural insight as well as provide a unique opportunity to educate his clients about useful economic concepts. His mission in life is “to create love and joy in the world.” It’s simple, but not easy. Zurich is happiest when he can help others along the path of self-actualization—helping them take what they are and transform it into that which they barely dared to dream was possible.


Minneapolis, MN | St. Croix, USVI
(763) 577-1900