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The Power of Fiduciary Advice

To Live the Life You Love®

The Power of Fiduciary Advice

To Live the Life You Love®

Who We Help

Semi, Solo, and Joint Retirees

Similar but distinct. Different goals, challenges,
and opportunities to Live the Life You Love® .

What We Do

Financial Planning & Investments

The money to Live the Life You Love® .
It’s what you want. It’s what we do.

Why We Do It

The Pursuit of Happiness

Nothing compares to the joy of helping another.
We want you to Live the Life You Love® .

Meet Jim

Decades of Surf's Up

From the outside, it looked like Jim had all the trappings of a successful life. A strong career, good income, intelligent friends, interesting hobbies, and good health. But something was missing. He was bored, unhappy even. His soul felt like it was dying a slow death in the Midwestern tundra, thousands of miles from his burning passion…

Meet Annick

Knowledge is Power

Annick is a creative, and credentialed, educational trainer who had overcome significant challenges to build an international career and global reputation. But it wasn’t until she discovered how to model her financial future that her ambition and broader goals for the movement began to take shape…

Meet Joyce & Ned

23 Grandchildren

After 37 years together, Jill & Ned were ready to start their next adventure. Starting as high school sweethearts, the two romantics had long ago set their sights on retirement. A northern lake home, a pontoon and the beauty of nature. Little did they know what lay before them …