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Committed Advisor.

Zurich loves having helped hundreds of people and countless families leverage the lessons he has learned over almost four decades in the investment services field. He has been at their deathbed, officiated at their weddings, served as a witness for their adoptions, helped them through divorce, eased the pain of tragedy, enjoyed road trips together, traveled to foreign countries with them, visited their new retirement houses, even learned to scuba dive with them. At their request, he has been a persistent and steadfast advisor as their needs evolved, even including and beyond their dying day.

Personal Life.

Originally from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Zurich and his wife, Alison, now live on the Caribbean island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Formally extensive travelers, they rode out much of the pandemic in their isolated island paradise, finding themselves since reluctant to leave it. During this isolation, Zurich discovered a love of data science, meteorology, and software development. He out now owns other companies that work on business projects along these lines.

Free Time.

In his free time, Zurich is an avid kitesurfer, scuba diver, landscape photographer, drone pilot, credentialed French wine collector, language learner, meteorology student, and budding data scientist. He took the opportunity during isolation to honor his Viking heritage by growing his hair out to ridiculous lengths; and he endures regular ribbings from his friends, clients, and collaborators about it. He says it finally makes him look on the outside like he feels on the inside. Whatever that means…