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Samuel is ambitious. With a couple of beach houses under his belt, and plans for a third ‘across the pond,’ he knows exactly what he wants, and generally how to get there. Having already been working remotely in one capacity or another for 25 years, he spent the pandemic lockdown inventing financial algorithms and building new businesses around them. But international component was kicking his butt, until he made the right connections…

Global Opportunities.

While no stranger to international efforts, Samuel had quickly learned that it was one thing to visit several countries, even for long periods of time, and a much different thing to possess legal status to operate as a member of those countries. Never mind the tax, financial, property, or even healthcare difficulties of working across borders with any consistent regularity. Samuel, however, was determined to operate in many countries because of the unique value he saw in each of those cultures; and the unique value he thought he could bring as a global entrepreneur. Luckily for Samuel, he knew what he didn’t know, and he knew the danger that put him in.

Fiduciary Advice.

So, Samuel reached out to his financial advisor to ask for help. As his financial advisor listen to the details of Samuel’s consolation of objectives, plans, barriers, obstacles, and hypotheses; he eventually began to giggle. Pretty soon, Samuel was giggling as well. Samuel reflected on his humble beginnings. How he felt like he had scratched and scraped his way into several successful businesses, before realizing that it wasn’t about the money. But rather that his motivation came from the technical challenges, the questions, and the desire to connect many dots, across many disciplines, to reach a variety of unified truths. Samuel felt he could see the endgame, but knew he was actually more excited about the process to get there.

Global Connections.

When they stopped giggling, Samuels financial advisor said, “I’m not going to apologize for laughing because it’s more with admiration than anything else, and I think you know that. Frankly, Samuel, your ability to see patterns in data is remarkable. And I can tell that you’ve researched this enough to know what you might be onto. So, I’m going to focus on your primary business and financial interest here in the USA, yet connect you to the global resources I think you will need to further your international objectives. I can’t wait to go along for the ride. Clients like you were one of the key reasons I want to be in this business forever. Nice job.”