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A Crucial Decision.

After two decades as a successful lawyer, Jim began to tire of the rat race and started to dream about a moved to California to pursue his surfing passion. As many of his colleagues balked at his seemingly inane choice, he started to wonder if he might be a little crazy; if it was foolish to give up at successful law career. But wouldn’t it be more foolish to live a life of drudgery and unhappiness? Jim realized he had to make a move, but wasn’t thrilled about a bare-bones, living-in-a-van, surfer kind of life. He did have a taste for great scotch, after all.

Fiduciary Advice.

So Jim decided to call his financial advisor and ask for help. Together, they worked through every aspect of his financial plan and his investments. From cash flow to credit reports, debt management to insurance, nexus issues to taxation, investment objectives to risk management, and everything in between. Over the next few months, Jim checked off each task on his plan, and managed to blow town just seven months after his last big case settled.

Decades of Surf’s Up.

That was 15 years ago. While many of Jim’s friends couldn’t understand why he did it at the time, Jim has never looked back. After all, how many people are able to retire before 50, to spend decades playing in the California sun?