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Small Business Success

Small Business Success

Most small businesses have three problems:

  1. Too much to do
  2. Too few staff
  3. Too little profit

Fortunately, most small business have three assets:

  1. Technical talent
  2. Strong sales skills
  3. Strong customer service

Unfortunately, horribly boring and dreaded things like bookkeeping, accounting, and financial statement analysis eludes most small business owners. But it is exactly these things that preclude them from making the money they want and having the time to enjoy it.

Worse, the learning curve is very steep, and horribly boring. To a certain extent, CPA’s try to explain the bits and bobs, but they’re often only involved during tax times, and their advice is quickly forgotten in the onslaught of running a small business.

Luckily, we can easily teach you how to read financial statements, and how to use them strategically. We don’t do bookkeeping or accounting (see: “horribly boring” above), but we can guide you through the process of transforming your business from cash starved to cash cow.

Better yet, we can help you develop the necessary resources, strategies, and systems to give you regular access to up to date information, and help you drive profits in the right direction.

Think of this as comprehensive financial planning for the small business owner.

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