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Fiduciary Investment Management

Fiduciary Investment Management

When it comes to your investments, you want a firm that is a fiduciary. Not everybody is. You want a firm who is not only ethically obligated, but legally obligated, to act in your best interest. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are obligated to put your needs ahead of our own. We think you’d value that.

We imagine you would rather focus on being able to live the life you love, than on learning the highly technical nuts and bolts of investment management. Some people like to have a small portion of their accounts to play the market. That’s fine. We can even be a sounding board. But most people prefer to let us do it.

It takes a very long time to acquire the education, skills, research and experience to be able to skillfully manage investment portfolios so that they produce the proper amount of return, while staying within a client’s ability to endure loss. It takes even longer to develop the discipline to avoid major market catastrophes (like the 2008 market crisis) and preserve client’s investments. We do this all day, every day, and have done it, successfully, for over three decades.

We manage your investment portfolio on a discretionary basis, consistent with your risk tolerance and objectives. We agree to this in writing, in advance. This means that we don’t bother you with our investment ideas, analysis, or technical jargon, unless this is your cup of tea. Of course, we’re happy to talk with you at length about our investment choices.

Lastly, we don’t charge commissions on our investment products or for investment advice. We think this could be a conflict of interest. Wouldn’t you agree? Instead, we are paid a percentage of your assets under our management, depending upon the type and complexity of your account. Since each account and client is different, this is something we determine during our initial meeting together.

For a more detailed explanation of how and why we manage investments the way we do, see our blog series on How the Market Works.

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