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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

If your investment portfolio is the engine, then financial planning is the rest of your car. But just having a well tuned engine won’t get you anywhere. You need every other part of the car to work in unison with that engine to make any progress. This is the only way to know if you have enough money to truly live the life you love.

Imagine trying to figure out how to align every aspect of your financial life, things like: investment structure (IRA, 401k, Roth, Non-Qualified, 403b, etc.), debts, credit cards, mortgages, all manner of insurances (life, long term care, health, disability, liability), savings plan, education savings, education spending, wills, trusts, estate planning, major purchases (cars, houses, boats, animals, cabins). Then add to that, planning for a retirement in which you can be relatively sure that you can STAY retired, forever, to live the life you love. Oh right, while tax rates, inflation rates, and investment returns swing all over the place. This is why basic calculations that assume a fixed rate of return are useless. Real rates of return are never actually fixed, because of the erosion of inflation.

Let us do this for you. We have the tools, the skills, the certifications. Comprehensive financial planning process requires multivariable calculus, statistical analysis, and something called monte carlo (probability) modeling. It also requires a rich field of historical data and the ability to make educated guesses about like scenarios in a clients life.

More importantly, we have the experience. Imagine going through this process, and at the end of our meeting, discovering that you could retire today. (It’s happened more than once!) But you needed an average return of 3%. That’s all. Many people would still try to get a higher return, even though it could jeopardize their ability to stay retired. This is where an educated perspective could mean the difference between long term success and failure.

Best of all, you’ll have someone who knows your entire financial picture, and who can answer your questions in minutes, not days. Want to know how buying a house affects your long term success? No problem. How about a car, a cabin, a sabbatical? How about insurance, or a new mortgage, or other debts. Done. How about the maximum you could spend every year without going broke? How about if you spend $20,000 more per year for the next five years, and then went back to normal? Call us once, call us a hundred times. We’ll help you get there.

Now this is power to live the life you love.

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