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How to be Semi-Retired

How to be Semi-Retired

We’ve always found it odd that many people in our industry think that full-retirement, or even semi-retirement, is a one time achievable thing. “Working” is actually on a continuum. Full time for some is part time for others. The most important thing is choice. You get to choose when, where, and how much you work. THIS is freedom.

How to Be Semi-Retired is really a segment of comprehensive financial planning, focused almost exclusively on cash flow analysis. Yes, that dreaded thing called, “budgeting.”

Now, imagine you had help. Imagine you had a company who had not only helped hundreds of people do what you want to do, but had also taken the time to prove that it was possible on a global scale. What if that company was helping you figure out your numbers, providing frank feedback, helping you figure out how to do it now? How much better, easier, and more reassuring would that be?

We can do all of this for you. It can really take the edge off.

However, you will still need a reason to be semi-retired. You will need something, actually one thing, that you find so compelling, that you are willing to make the extra effort needed to become semi-retired. Checkout my series on How to Live the Life You Love.

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