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Consider the source of your advice.

Many years ago, I realized I wanted to live the life I loved, which did NOT mean 80-hour work weeks, poor health or crippled relationships typical of the investment field. I was not willing to sacrifice my life for money. This turned out to be blasphemy in the investment world.

Being surrounded by workaholics, I looked outside my field. I talked to my clients. I talked to people of all ages, races, creeds, you name it. Guess what? Nearly everybody had the same wish. To be able to do whatever they wanted, whenever and with whomever they chose. It wasn’t necessarily a desire for freedom, but a desire love. They wanted to live a life they enjoyed, with those they loved.

For me that meant geographic liberty and camaraderie with those I admired. So, I built an investment business that I could run from anywhere on the planet. This gave me freedom, purpose, access to successful people whom I admired, and the ability to help them.

Earning the CFP practitioner credential, as well as a Masters of Science in Financial Services, gave me the expertise to provide a robust financial framework for my clients. I combined this structure with my own global passions in an effort to be able to truly say, “This is how you structure your finances to be able to live the life you love.”

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands