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The difficulty is in the details.

Theoretically, the investment business could be easy. Sign a few forms, wave a magic wand, and bam, money moves from here to there with no problems, concerns or issues. But with so many big firms hiring as inexpensively as possible, and providing so little education, this industry is rife with people that simply can’t do the job. Talk is cheap.

This is where I come in. Do you have a stock certificate from your Great Uncle Ed who died many years ago but left it to you in his will and you have NO idea what to do with it or how to figure out your basis? I’m here.
Want to rollover your 401k, 403b, 427, 401, IRA, Roth IRA, Annuity Rev Trust, Irrev Trust, ILIT, Hybrid Deferred Comp, or even Pre-TEFRA plan? I’ve got you covered.

Want a distribution on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or even annual plan? Want to know how much your RMD is going to be, the best way to take out, when to take it out, and how to keep your relative tax burden as low as possible? Here I am.

By keeping track of all your investment and financial bits, my goal is to help you, and a select group of people, live the life you love. I see it as my job to keep things running smoothly in each of your accounts, and in your financial plan, both for today, for tomorrow, and for your beneficiaries when you pass on. I want to make the process easy for you, to free you from the tedium, and to make sure things are done right the first time.

I joined Zurich Awes Financial Management, Inc. several years ago because I loved the culture. It was a firm that actually practiced what it preached. I’ve been given every Friday off since I started. Like Henry Ford, Zurich had learned that a 32-hour week was far more effective for intellectual businesses, than a 40-hour week. Having the extra time off has allowed me to live the life I love. For example, it has given me the time to enhance my economics degree with new educational opportunities. In fact, I recently earned my certification as a Registered Paraplanner.

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