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Market Crash: Down 50 Points

Posted by kdadmin on September 28th, 2015.

Market Crash: Down 50 Points

As if getting a jump on earnings season, the S&P 500 is down 50 points, intraday. But the relevant point above is that it’s within one half a point of its August 25th low and one point within its October 15, 2014 low.

This, my friends, is where things start to get interesting.

This is when we start looking for an entry point. Issues on the table include:

  1. When will the market stop freaking out when Federal Reserve members continue to say exactly what they’ve been continuing to say for months?
  2. When will the market decide that China’s shenanigans don’t really matter? Just like it has forgotten about Syria, Lybia, Russia, andEbola.
  3. While stocks don’t have a lot of upside potential, they have more than they did two months ago. But do they have enough?

A slew of economic data will be released over the next several days, and Alcoa will kick off the earnings season on October 8th. Nothing seemingly earth shattering, but it could get ugly, and we could go long … (See my post, Market Crash: Lucky #13)

Stay tuned!


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