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Launch Letter

Posted by kdadmin on March 20th, 2014.

Unlike most financial advisors, I’m not interested in money for money’s sake. I’m interested in life for life’s sake. I want to continue to recite poetry when my clients marry, I want to continue to give their eulogies when they die, and I want to continue to enjoy every bit of their fantastic humanity in between.

I want to experience who they are, what they are, why they believe it, what they’ve learned, when they discovered their genius, how they applied their gifts, and to understand the transcendence they experienced when their love of humanity came to fruition.

It’s a lofty goal. I admit it. But when it comes my time to die, dear Thoreau, I do not want to find that I haven’t lived. I want to laugh on my death bed when I remember all the things I did to further to the glory of others. Or, to spurn the evildoers among us.

I had set my sights on a personal “Best Of” campaign. I had to hire the best advisors, co-opt the best strategic partners, build the best systems, keep only the best staff, limit my client base to the best sorts of clients, and create the clearest message about my intent, all without losing the intrinsic sense of what makes us a great financial firm and happy humans. So …

We built a new website filled with the pictures that I personally took from my travels all around the globe. My hope is to inspire you to go explore the glory that is this world while you still have the ability; and if you don’t, to distill and present the lessons I’ve learned from the far corners of my travels.

We’ve traveled to remote locations and recorded hundreds of hours of video in an effort to extract, and distill, the local lessons tantamount to life, to investments, to finance, to freedom and to happiness. We’ve succeeded wonderfully, and failed horribly, but have entertained consistently …

We designed a new logo that we think speaks to the organic nature of the growth of human insight. It can’t be forced. It can’t be cajoled. It can’t be leveraged. It has to be offered a nurturing environment in which to flourish on its own time. We’ll see how it develops from here.

We’ve connected with social media; Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to start (more to follow) in an effort meld our happy experience of life with those we adore. A picture is worth a thousand words, sure, but a picture in support of the joy of others is worth a thousand thousands. We’ve worked hard to cull our audience of wonderful people, hope that you will share us with other wonderful types, as we hope to share you.

Fundamentally, we’ve redesigned the Zurich Awes brand. Which is a little daunting, given it’s my name on the door, and I’m slightly mouthy at times … But at the end of the day, we’ve tried to clarify the concept with which all of our clients are familiar; namely, it is our job to empower you to “Live the Life You Love.”



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