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The Horsey Dance

Posted by kdadmin on March 6th, 2014.

You know what I mean. That dance we all do when we accomplish something awesome, against the grain of lemmings everywhere. I’ve been doing the horsey dance because I wasn’t phased by the market’s lousy January performance, and this week the market recovered all of its losses to hit a new high. Of course, the dance was followed by lots of, “Who’s the Man”s and “This Guy”s and more horsey dancing …

It’s annoying. No question. Just ask Terry. Although, I’m also a big fan of the “Stirrin’ The Pot” dance introduced to me by Alison during the various and plentiful moments that she vanquished me in one way or another. She does it better. But my worse rendition is more irksome. Which, after all, is the point…

To be specific, the broad market (S&P 500) hit a new high, and we’re right there with it, having experienced less volatility in the meantime. HA!

Anyway, I tell you this because The Horsey Dance is an integral part of the lives of my clients who are able to fulfill our tagline, “Live the Life You Love.” Simply put, they take the time to celebrate the victories of life no matter how big or small. They take a moment to smell the yellow rose of Texas, as Nana (my grandmother) would say. Because of this, they see their lives as the continual fulfillment of their dreams, and view each setback against a backdrop of perceived success, instead of the other way around. This perspective is extremely motivating in the face of the abject failures we all face.

Do I look like an idiot when I do the Horsey Dance? Absolutely. Do I go all out and integrate the moves I learned from Korean rapper, Psy? Naturally. Is it ridiculous? Of course. But, honestly, there is no better way to express the sense of vindicated glee when I’m able to guide my clients through the thicket of hyper market volatility without a scratch. So, the Horsey Dance must be done!

Click here for a short of Psy’s version …

Take one of my clients, for example, who was able to retire at 48. This feat was based on his individual circumstances and his choice of a particularly lucrative career, sure, but it was also because he listened to me and didn’t buy into the condo market in 2007, nor did he get involved with illiquid private placements. Now he spends his time in the quest for adventure and for the love of his life.*

While adventure has been easier for him than finding that elusive love, the confidence he gleans from his various adventures buoys him and pushes him forward in the quest for love. He doesn’t balk at opportunity. He doesn’t whimper or whine. He’s open to opportunity every day. Accepting invitations from friends, even when feeling sad last week, put him in the right place, at the right time, for a crush to blossom into a new romance.

Did he actually do The Horsey Dance? God, I hope so. He certainly deserves to do it. He also might deserve to put it on Youtube …



* The example referred to is for illustrative purposes only. Individual results and whether gains or losses are achieved vary by client, market results and other factors.


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