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Storm Center

Posted by kdadmin on June 24th, 2013.

I hope you’re recovering from the storms this weekend and that both you and your property survived unharmed. There are trees down all over my neighborhood (several of them crushing cars – see attached photo), and power service is out for many.

I’m writing to you today because we are following our “Minor Natural Disaster” plan. In other words:

  1. The office has power and phone service but no internet connectivity. It’s been down since last night. We are in the process of adding an additional service (fiber), but it’s not up yet. (Of course not.) Comcast had assured us that we would be up by 10am, but that’s come and gone, now it looks like 9pm … Argh.
  2. As such, I’m working offsite where there is internet connectivity and active redundancy (home).
  3. There has been no damage to equipment, all your data is safe and backed up in its multiple redundant global servers.

SO, for you this means:

  1. Terry will not be able to respond to email until the internet is back up.
  2. If you need to reach Terry, call her at the office.
  3. You can, however, reach me directly via email or cell phone.

Luckily for Terry, she doesn’t have to watch the market today. It’s having a storm of its own. Chicken Little got out again. But, we’re off recent lows and the S&P futures market is having a little recovery over that past few hours (up 1%). We’ll see if that holds. It’s never a dull day.

Call me if you need to, otherwise, steady as she goes.

Happy Cleanup …

Crushed Car


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