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Spring Cleaning

Posted by kdadmin on May 10th, 2013.

Can you believe it? It’s finally spring. Yay!

In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I have made an organizational change to the layout of your investment data on the web portal located at: After you log into your financial portal, and navigate to the Documents tab, you will notice that I have grouped the performance reports by month. This should make it easier to keep all the respective data together.

Also, as may know, the jobless report came out last Friday. Essentially, there were 145,000 new jobs created instead of 88,000 from the previous quarter. While this is great, it still is a relatively weak showing (overall) for the U.S. economy. As could be expected the stock market indices responded with relief (the S&P and DOW were up to new highs recently) that the report wasn’t catastrophically poor.

For you, assuming you’ve followed our model portfolio allocations that include a mix of stocks and bonds, the bottom line remains the same:

  1. The economy is on a slow recovery.
  2. The S&P 500 is responding to this slow recovery with a slow march (dirge, anyone?) towards increasing stock valuations.
  3. The macro indicators and their projections support this trend.
  4. The yield spread in the bond markets still support our plan to keep you overweighted to high yield bonds into the third quarter. Your particular high yield bond fun (PHYTX) is up 1.26% in the last 30 days alone.
  5. The small cap overweight is also performing nicely (up over 3.5% in the last 30 days), which is roughly 0.8% better than the S&P 500. Don’t worry, you also own the S&P 500 based ETF (SPY), which is up roughly 2.8%.
  6. In other words, you’re doing great. Your year over year numbers should be nothing short of glorious, given your low risk level compared to the S&P 500.

In other, other words, tell your friends. Give them my phone number, my email address, and call Terry to have her contact them to schedule an appointment to meet with me …

Happy Spring!


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